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After-School Program

ODE Honors Cedric Cox, Mt. Washington School After-School Instructor

Cedric Cox, reps from Mt. Washington School and UCThe Ohio Department of Education recognized Cedric Cox, local artist and instructor, in January 2014 for his work in Mt. Washington School’s Castle Connections after-school program. Cox, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati Design, Art and Architecture Program (DAAP), works four days a week, two hours a day, at Castle Connections. He spends this time encouraging students to paint and learn about art history by introducing them to new art mediums and teaching them to view themselves as artists. As a result, Mt. Washington School’s after-school students are learning to love art and art history.

Cox goes above and beyond his role as an after-school teacher. He volunteers his time to serve as an academic tutor, preparing students for the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA). He assists in developing after-school interdisciplinary projects that connect art to academic units of study. He helped secure a grant to expand after-school Art Clubs, which offers opportunities to bring in other local teaching artists to introduce students to different art disciplines and mediums. In addition, he invited students into his own studio for a field trip. Cox also hosts student art auctions to raise money to support arts programming at Mount Washington School.  

Mt. Washington School and the University of Cincinnati are proud of Castle Connections’ success, and they deeply appreciate Cedric Cox’s dedication.
“Mr. Cox has brought life to our building when the traditional school day ends,” Principal Deb Klein said. “His passion for art has engaged students and encouraged them to explore their talents. He has connected his art classes to the curriculum and enriched the learning experiences for our students.”

Congratulations to Cedric Cox and all at the University of Cincinnati who have made Castle Connections an exemplary award-winning after-school program.

Photo: Cedric Cox (L) with Megan Litrell and Rayma Waters from the UC After-school program.

After-School Program

Girls Rule!

Mt. Washington STEM HouseA group of girls formed a club and decided they wanted to design and build a house. Their "STEM house" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) — organized with community partners, UC and the YWCA, put their math curriculum into action as their dream house came to life. The house was featured at Homarama in 2012 and was later donated to Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Thank you, University of Cincinnati and The YWCA for making this after-school program a success that can be built on!