Oyler School

Health & Wellness

OneSight Vision Center

CPS' Community Learning Centers Goal Students are healthy.

School-based health services help keep our students in school. Our health-care partners bring a range of services into our buildings — dental and vision care, wellness check-ups, immunizations, medical treatment, nutrition classes — everything our students need to stay healthy and be attentive in class.

Student being fitted with glassesIn Cincinnati, a group of leaders from the private and public sectors came together to create an innovative model for vision care at Oyler School.

An “ah-ha moment” hits a student as he is fitted with glasses in the OneSight Vision Center located inside the newly renovated Oyler School.

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Delta Dental Clinic

Delta Dental interiorOyer School opens Dental Clinic

The Cincinnati school district has opened an in-school dental clinic believed by local and state health officials to be the only one in Ohio. This is the newest addition to the health and eye clinics already at the school.

Students are pleased, as are their parents. As one student put it — "I'm already here, so it just made sense to be able to visit the dentist while at school. I don't have to worry about getting a ride or missing class."

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