Walnut Hills 'Shoe Fairy'

Walnut Hills ‘Shoe Fairy’ Keeps Children’s Feet Warm and Dry

Submitted by Audrey Holtzman, Resource Coordinator at Rockdale Academy

Shoe Fairy — Meredith Bailey

A “Shoe Fairy” named Meredith Bailey, a senior at Walnut Hills High School, just dropped off 150 pairs of clean, good-condition used shoes and snow boots for Rockdale Academy’s students. This is not the first time Rockdale has been blessed with such a gift; in September, Meredith dropped off 100 pairs of shoes.

In fact, Meredith has been blessing several CPS schools with generous donations of shoes for the past two years.

Meredith hosts events to collect the shoes, solicits donations of new socks and shoelaces, sorts the shoes by size and type, and then delivers them to schools. She started the shoe drive as part of a Girl Scout community service project and has become passionate about making sure that decent shoes are available for all children. She has collected more than 7,800 pairs of used shoes over the past two years.  

Several other local charities also are recipients of Meredith’s kindness, along with a village in Kenya for a program that fights Aids.

Meredith’s dedication to serving others is a shining example of the character-building lessons taught in CPS, which strive to teach students to embrace civic responsibility. She is a role model to other students and a hero to those to whom she has provided much-needed shoes.

For more information on Meredith’s shoe drives, visit www.goodthingsgoingaround.com.

CPS students helping CPS students