Rothenberg Preparatory Academy

Below the Line: Over-the-Rhine

'That's home to me, and that's my safe haven'
A story by WCPO reporter Lucy May, photojournalist Emily Maxwell and data specialist Mark Nichols. Editor: Mike Canan
‘The quiet sixth-grader was tall and curvy for her age. She needed a dress for a special occasion at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy. Ms. Dorothy and a team of school moms were doing their best to find one.
The women sorted through piles of donated clothing in the school's parent resource center, looking for a size that would fit in a style that was appropriate. Dress after dress was too short or too tight, and the girl's shoulders drooped with defeat…’
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Tutoring -KnowledgeWorks

Principal Alesia Smith with Supt. Ronan and studentsIn 2012-13, a team of 23 volunteers from KnowledgeWorks tutored at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy. Students improved their reading scores — the overall 3rd-grade reading proficiency went from 43 in 2012 to 67 in 2013. The 4th-grade made an indicator of 77.

All tutors started with an organized orientation that included a student Meet and Greet. KnowledgeWorks employees agree, tutoring is really fun and a great opportunity to make a difference. It's a chance to work directly with kids and the staff at Rothenberg is fantastic!

— Emily Lewis, The Strive Partnership