Student Stories

In Their Own Words ...

Students talk about why they love their CPS Community Learning Center.

Great Clubs

Our M.O.R.E. Club gave us the opportunity to come together, get to know one another, meet new people and make new friends. In the Robotics Club, I am able to work with my hands, travel outside the community to participate in comptetions. I traveled even further, to other cities, with the NSBC (National Society of Black Engineers), learning what I am capable of doing.

Malcolm, Senior
Western Hills University High School Community Learning Center


I love Rothenberg because I like to learn and I like when people come in and help us. I am thankful for that. I love the after-school program and I love it when people visit and give us treats.

KeJirah, Grade 3
Rothenberg Preparatory Academy Community Learning Center

Community Involvement

What I love about my CLC is they are very helpful when you need it. I love the field trips and the special events. I love computer time. I love the teachers and the work. I love the Robotics and Hunger Games groups — and more! Thanks CLC!

Jaylynn, Grade 6
Rotckdale Academy Community Learning Center


I enjoyed going to Whiz Kids! My tutor was lots of fun and would give me chocolate to eat! I also liked the Boys and Girls Club. I get to hang out with my friends and do fun things. I was also in the program at the end of the school year for Family Fun Night where we sang and danced! 

Naomi, Grade 6
John P. Parker Community Learning Center

After School Programs

I love my CLC because I like after school programs. I like that my parents come.

Demeko, Grade 2
Rothenberg Preparatory Academy Community Learning Center

The Arts

I liked art last year and I liked to paint. I made a dinosaur out of clay!!

Dillion, Grade 3
Hartwell Community Learning Center

Support Services

I love my Rockdale CLC because they help people who don't have much. They help with food, clothes and school supplies. And, they help you learn so you are ready for high school and college. They want you to be successful.

TeAsia, Grade 6
Rockdale Academy Community Learning Center

Dance Partners

I liked Zumba a lot. I really liked Fine Arts Fund programs. I enjoy all the activities and I love, love Zumba and dance class!

Zarria, Grade 8
Hartwell Community Learning Center