Taft Information Technology High School

Taft IT High School Dedication Ceremony

Corporate Sponsorship

Cincinnati Bell

CEO Cassidy with Taft IT studentBy engaging the community, CLC’s bring the value-added for parents, teachers, principals and community members.

Jack Cassidy CEO of Cincinnati Bell, needed workers. He realized, “I have a whole workforce in my “backyard”. He made a commitment to partner with Taft High School, providing tutors from his company during work hours. He invested in technology, providing internships and rewarded student success with free cell phones. Taft went from one of the state’s worst schools to a school of Excellence with Distinction.

"What I think I get the most enjoyment out of seeing students do something they didn't think they could do — and knowing I was able to help"

Anthony Benton, 2009 Taft IT graduate, part-time bell employee and college student