Partner Showcase

Partner Showcase, September 2013 — LSDMC's find a "Natural Fit"

Partner Fair


Several nature organizations met with members of the district-wide Local School Decision Making Committees on September 18th before their quarterly meeting. The following organizations sent representatives to the fair to discuss partnership opportunities with school leadership teams: 

Both LSDMC members and program partners found the fair to be a wonderful opportunity to learn about each other and plan for future partnerships. Kylie Johnson of the Alliance for Climate Education helped to organize the fair and reported that "all of the organizations in attendance last night were very pleased with the outcome of the event and many had some great conversations with LSDMC attendees.

Betsy Townsend of Leave No Child Inside demonstrated her new web-based Program Finder to the LSDMC members, noting that this searchable database will allow schools to find the program partner who meets their specific grade-level and subject needs.  Paul Rudolph, of Growing Well, also announced the opening of the new dental clinic at Oyler School, and the plans for other dental clinics and satellite dental programs throughout the district.

LSDMC members were reminded to attend the first Community Learning Center Showcase on Saturday, September 28th from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. to welcome these partners and the many others who provide programs for students in our schools.

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