Types of Partnerships

General Partner (CLC Partners)

A partner is an organization that provides a program or activity at a Cincinnati Community Learning Center (CLC) on an ongoing basis.

CLC Partners

Data-Sharing Partner

A Partner that shares and or receives data through the Learning Partner Dashboard system.

  • Aggregate Data Access: All Data-Sharing Partners have access to aggregate level data for their schools.
  • Student-Level Access:  Data-Sharing Partners may have access to student level data only if they:
    — Provide services that align to a CPS-tracked goal; and
    — Have a completed parental consent form turned in for each student.

Lead Agency Partners

Lead agencies are vital partners to the success of each Community Learning Center (CLC). They not only provide funding to help pay the salary of the Resource Coordinator, but they also help meet the goals of the CLC with their unique services and skills while establishing a direct link to the community they serve.

CPS Lead Agencies