GE Tutoring Program

From Tutor to Mentor

GE Tutor, Glen CulbertsonMeet Glenn Culbertson …. This is his fifth consecutive year in the GE Tutoring program. In August 2011, he moved with his students into Evanston Academy’s new building.

Several years before joining the Evanston Academy tutoring team, he worked with high school students who were struggling with Algebra. He noticed that they were having issues with basic multiplication. It became apparent to him that the  greater need for tutoring was in the elementary grades, with the tutoring help focusing on basic math skills.

Recently, Glenn also became a mentor to an Evanston student.
“For several years, I had felt that it was important to maintain the momentum once the students moved beyond the grades covered by the tutoring program.  This past summer, I became a mentor to one of my students through CYC (Cincinnati Youth Collaborative),” Culbertson said. “I plan to attend my mentee’s high school and college graduations!”

This year Glenn took on a new student to tutor, as well as still mentoring the other student.  

“The tutoring program has shown me just how important it is to have hardworking, dedicated and patient teachers throughout the school,” Culbertson said. “Every taxpayer should spend a few hours in their local elementary school to better understand this vital work and the value that all students receive.”

Photo: Glenn Culbertson, GE Aviation Manager, Rotor MAE Sub-Section with an Evanston student.

"Being the Change" as a Positive Role Model

Meet Ricky McGee — GE Aviation – Lead Buyer…this is his third consecutive year in the GE Tutoring program at Evanston Academy.

“The friendship and bond that my student, Jerome, and I have created is the most rewarding accomplishment,” McGee said. “It’s awesome to see Jerome’s progress from fourth to sixth grade. This year, I took on an additional student. These two students have two distinct personalities with two different learning styles.  We have had to face a few hurdles, but I am very confident in the three of us.”

McGee grew up in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio, and attended Columbus Public Schools.

“My school taught me the value of having a consistent positive role model,” McGee said. “I can personally say that the GE Tutoring program at Evanston Academy has changed my life and the lives of the students I have worked with.  Their success and education will ultimately lay the foundation for our future.”

Photo: GE Tutor, Ricky McGee Jr., with Evanston Academy mentees.

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